How many sessions do I need before I can feel improvement?

This will depend on the problem being treated. If pain is the main problem then the aim is to get relief. We try and achieve this as soon as possible, but it can take between 2-6 sessions. If there is no significant change in this time then a reassessment should be done and other investigations or options considered.Treatment should be soothing and relaxing and should not flare up the symptoms.

Other conditions that need a change of mechanics or recovery from surgery can require some uncomfortable treatment techniques to achieve the desired changes. This should always be within the patients pain tolerance levels and you should always give feedback to your therapist. The amount of sessions will vary according to how long the problem has been present, but a good guide would be 6 – 10 sessions with progress being felt and measured. If there is no change after 4-6 sessions a change of treatment or further investigations may be needed.

Remember, normal tissue healing following trauma or surgery follows a predictable pattern. This would mean that normal recovery following surgery or injury can take between 6-12 weeks, but small recovery changes can continue for up to 9 months after surgery/injury.

For pelvic floor rehabilitation, the process will depend on how weak the muscles are before treatment and how much home exercises the patient is doing, but the treatment usually consists of 10-20 sessions done 2-3 times a week.