How can Physiotherapy help?

The aim of physiotherapy is to decrease pain and improve movement in the spine. Your treatment will be designed based on your condition and its underlying causes and will include a selection or combination of the techniques listed below:

  • Soft Tissue Massage and Joint Manipulation – to decrease muscle spasm and regain normal joint movement
  • Dry needling (acupuncture) – to decrease muscle spasm
  • Exercise – to help improve movement (stretching), and strengthen core and target muscles
  • Electrical therapy – to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Posture corrections and home/office advice – to sustain results, prevent recurrence and correct underlying factors

Duration of treatment

Acute conditions: duration of treatment can range from just a couple of days to up to 12 weeks, with frequency of sessions been 2-3 per week.

Chronic conditions: may require continuous follow up treatment to prevent episodes of flare up or to the need for surgery. This is often the case for patients with arthritis or severe disc issues. The frequency of treatment will depend on the condition and symptoms, but can vary between once a month to once every three months.

Treatments for pain should be comfortable as we don’t want to flare up the condition. Treatment can be more uncomfortable if stiffness is the underlying cause of the problem as therapy tries to stretch tissues and move joints to gain movement. This should, however, always be in tolerable levels of discomfort for the patient.