There may be occasions where electrical therapy may be indicated for a patient or condition. The role of electrotherapy is usually to decrease levels of inflammation and swelling, decrease pain levels or improve muscle and nerve function. The main modalities we use for this are ultrasound and interferential (electrical stimulation). We can also use laser for the mobilization of scar tissue and help with post-surgical recovery and the treatment of wounds and ulcers.

The use of Extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy is to help the body to recover from injury and is used on soft tissue injuries of muscles and tendons. These injuries can include tennis elbow, shoulder rotator cuff tendinitis and foot plantar fasciitis. The treatment consists of high powered shockwaves being administered through the injury. This helps break down any scar tissue that has formed and helps stimulate new tissue formation. The treatment is highly effective, but can be uncomfortable at times due to the high intensity.

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