Our mission is to provide quality and evidence-based treatment with measurable outcomes in the fields of family medicine, paediatric, dentistry, oby/gyne and rehabilitation involving the patients in their treatment so that they feel in control of their health, while supporting our practitioners continuous development to empower them and enable them to deliver the highest standards of care.

Our vision is to create a center of medical excellence that is the facility of choice for patients for all their medical, rehabilitation and wellness needs, and the employer of choice for the best medical personnel from around the world.

Patient will be treated with utmost respect for their beliefs and their rights. This includes and is not limited to: the right be involved in decision making, the right to choose their care giver, the right to voice complaints without fear of discrimination.

We recognize patient’s vulnerability and hence the importance of building trust in the relationship with their health care provider by promoting open communication and transparency.

We empower patients over their medical condition by educating them and involving them in decisions about their care. We empower practitioners by supporting their continuous professional development.